Colostrum is the critical mother’s first milk. But it’s not just for babies.

Four Leaf Rover Colostrum helps strengthen and balance the immune system. Four Leaf Colostrum is rich in proline-rich- polypeptide (PRP), which can eliminate or improve the symptoms of allergies, in addition to other autoimmune conditions.

Four Leaf Rover Colostrum is from grass-fed Canadian cattle that are always free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Our colostrum is ethically harvested … it’s shared with the calves so they can also reap the immune benefit.

Give Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum on food once a day.

Body Weight

Amount Per Day

Up To 10 Lbs
1/16 Tsp Per Day

11 To 25 Lbs
1/8 Tsp Per Day

26 To 99 Lbs
1/4 Tsp Per Day

100 Lbs And Up
1/2 Tsp Per Day

30 Day Supply (Medium Dogs)