300mg CBD 1 0z


For pets 50lbs and under.

Dosage 0.01 ml per 1lb or 0.1 per 10lbs

Olidog is a Full spectrum CBD Oil versus an isolate for your pet.
It made with hemp flower and hemp oil.

CBD has been has been found to:

Reduce seizures and epilepsy
Stop tumor growth and cause cancer cell death
Reduce anxiety
Relieve pain and inflammation
Protect the nervous system and help with neurodegenerative diseases
Reduce nausea
Promote heart health
Joint support

Olidog CBD oil carries a certificate of analysis and, unlike many other hemp products, guarantees a high amount of beneficial CBD without a significant amount of THC or harmful terpenes.

CBD oil is safe and well tolerated by most dogs, even when given in high doses or for an extended period of time. Dogs do not build up a tolerance to CBD.

Certificate of Analysis is available.